DC Comics Heroes versus Villain movie Even and Parade

Another success of Warner Bros unfolds on May 2010, at the exact date of the 75th Anniversary of the Heroes versus villain parade. Before having a parade of people wearing costumes as heroes and villains, there was a time that the only thing displayed outside is the DC Comics and the pictures of the characters. And at that time, there was no such thing as cinemas and movies, which is why they only read in comics or newspapers. But when it was introduced in the digital world, it became popular and made a mark in society.

That is why Warner Bros, have made another accomplishment in the world, and that is the DC Comics Hero Versus Villain Parade and Movie Event. If your country has this kind of event, and for those who don’t, it goes like this.

First, the heroes and villains will parade from the park and stops at your cinema station. When parading, the heroes and villains will fight but no death is involved. It is only fighting stunts so that they can make it more realistic and more entertaining for the on-lookers. Some of them will be in caravans and will be waving right at you. They will throw candies, toys, and even clothes right in front of you as their giveaway.

And then after the parade, all of the heroes and villains will be performing at the cinema before starting a superhero movie. You can request any movie that you want to make you happy. You will also not be paying a lot of money because the government sponsors it.

Just enjoy every moment, every minute, and hour that you will spend in the event. There are also booths to play and food that you can buy.